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Like much of the world, I was on pins and needles hoping that little Falcon wouldn’t get the urge to open the latch of that homemade balloon that was concocted by his parents.

I couldn’t help think about Noah (who is also 6) and what little Falcon must be thinking as he soared across the slightly windy skies of Colorado.  I cringed thinking that he may get caught in a power line, clip a plane or simply land poorly, causing his death.  The media speculated about the possibility of him not receiving enough oxygen and the tragic possibilities due to it being a helium balloon.  I watched, wanting Falcon to come out unscathed and praying for his parents.  I thought about what they must have been going through and couldn’t imagine being them.  I was scared. Then…the balloon wound up in that field.  The rescuers ran to its’ aid as quickly as they could.  There were paramedics on hand – in case.  They dug a small dirt trench to prevent the balloon from moving any further.  And they moved in.  They opened the door to the base and to their surprise (we think), there was no Falcon.  Where could he be?  Did he jump out along the way.  Oh my gosh!  Was this ending even more tragic than we originally thought?  No!  It was all a hoax.  They tricked us.  The lied.  They cried wolf.  They tugged at our heartstrings and made us fall in love with their son – and we wanted them to have a happy ending.  I’m over it!

When I sat and thought about people who use their kids to make it big, I got sick to my stomach.  Now, am I saying I don’t believe in child actors?  No!  I’m speaking to those people who have their children lie in order to gain the attention of the masses and those who SEEM to exploit their children with reality television: Octomom, John & Kate Plus 8…the list can probably go on a little.  Recently they even wanted Michael Jackson’s kids to appear in the reality series The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty.  *Ahem* Didn’t their dad JUST die?  And now we’re in talks about them participating in a reality show?  Get real!!  If we want to further damage these children…sure, let’s go right ahead and make that happen.  I just think it is so unfair to the children that they are subjected to the lights, cameras and action in order to increase television ratings.  Because let’s be honest, the raw, unscripted behavior of children is enough to capture the attention of viewers for years to come.   The crazy thing about Falcon and his family is, they had already been dipped into the reality world through “Wife Swap.”  I guess that wasn’t nearly enough for Richard (Falcon’s dad).  They obviously didn’t make as much of an impact on THAT show as they would their own bizarre life telling.  Well…now he’ll have a new reality show to put together.  One from behind bars!  Dummy!!

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