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A Dallas pastor got into the Christmas spirit by stealing more than $10k worth of fur coats and designer purses from a fellow churchgoer. She says she was doing the Lord’s work and protecting her friend’s valuables from burglars.

On Christmas Eve, Dallas Pastor Sandy McGriff must have felt the Christmas spirit as she rode past a fellow church member’s home. But rather than the gift of giving, McGriff was overtaken by the gift of receiving and allegedly broke into the home of longtime friend Serita Agnew and boosted $10k worth of fur coats, designer purses and electronics.

McGriff was arrested and spent most of Christmas Day in jail before she was released on $26k bail just in time for Sunday morning service.

Now here’s where the story gets interesting. McGriff claims that she didn’t break into her friends home. Rather, the church pastor felt the holy ghost tell her to stop by Agnew’s house on the way to pick up a peach cobbler from a friend. She says that upon her arrival, she saw two men leaving the property and spotted a window that was broken. Instead of calling 911, she climbed through the window and “protected her friend’s belongings” in the event that the burglars came back.

“I thought I was helping,” she said.

However, Agnew’s neighbor saw a woman hit the window with an object attempted to use an eight foot ladder to climb through the window. The neighbor called the police and said that police arrived on the scene as the woman was making a second trip from the house to the car. The woman turned out to be Pastor Sandy McGriff. Nobody ever saw the two burglars and McGriff never mentioned burglars to the police when she was arrested. She said that Agnew asked her to go to the house and collect her belongings. A claim that Agnew denies. It wasn’t until after she was released that she conjured up the story about the burglars.