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Late last week, Michael Eric Dyson appeared on an NBC political show and said amongst other things, that President Obama deserved a “C-“grade for his handling of Black issues.

He also said President Obama is scared to address race.

Video after the excerpt

Below is an excerpt from an article on Black unemployment

Among white people, the unemployment rate dropped in December to 8.5 percent — hardly acceptable, but manageable were the government spending more to expand a fraying social safety net and generate jobs. For black Americans, the unemployment rate was 15.8 percent.

Professional economists will not pause for an instant at those figures. It is a truism that the black unemployment rate generally runs double the white one, and yet when did that become acceptable? How can there be so little discussion about a full-blown epidemic of joblessness in the African-American community, as if the commonplace incidence of despair — and, more recently, reversed progress — somehow amounts to old news?

“Can you imagine any other group at that level of unemployment and the media dismissing it as not important?” the Rev. Jesse Jackson asked during an interview this week.


Dyson takes on Obama