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When people think about the first Black president, they automatically think Barack Obama. Many others liked to joke about former President Clinton, but what about those with African ancestry in them? If the one-drop rule still exists, I guess these guys can be involved in the conversation.

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Below is a list compiled of 5 other presidents who had African ancestry:

1. Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson was described as the “son of a half-breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father,” as stated in Vaughn’s findings. Jefferson also was said to have destroyed all documentation attached to his mother, even going to extremes to seize letters written by his mother to other people.

2. Warren Harding

William Chancellor, a professor of economics and politics at Wooster College in Ohio, wrote a book on the Harding family genealogy. Evidently, Harding had Black ancestors between both sets of parents. Chancellor also said that Harding attended Iberia College, a school founded to educate fugitive slaves.

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