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Back on May 3rd cooking sensation Paula Deen had reported the lost of nearly $100,000 worth of male and female jewelry that seem to have vanished from her home. Today the Savannah-Chatham have a definite suspect…Her Housekeeper!

Originally Paula’s husband Michael Groover singled out the Housekeeper, Mary Alice White, 47, as the culprit. What strengthens his argument is that a Housekeeper was spotted at a pawn shop trying to unload thousands of dollars of jewelry for cash! Although Paula and her husband fired her as soon as they suspected her the mystery of the missing jewels was still unsolved.

Times are hard but I doubt you can be making chump change keeping Paula Deen’s house tidy.  She’s got a selection of cookies and cake mix in the grocery store next to Betty Crocker now!

Let me know something on this. Isn’t it hard enough to find a job already without theft of your resume?