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He came screaming and crying into the room,

he was loud

he was here

he was out of the womb

No weapon formed against him shall prosper he said

as he leaned over and kissed his son’s head

the moments would come and go

faster than he ever imagined

rites of passage, growing pains were here

and he held his hand

he helped him become a man

graduations and tears, children of his own

he never left him alone

no moment of shame

commitment and his name

he taught him well

off into the world

he has a baby girl

she yells his name “Daddy”

ready for the world

my protector

my shield

my dark days filled

to the heavens with my prayers

that he will always be there

as I sit and reminisce

over my very first love

my thoughts are with you daddy

and blessings from up above.

-J.C. Brooks