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Overcoming Life’s Biggest Obstacle – YOU!

Part 1

I am often asked, “Cathy, what does it take to be successful? You seem to have no obstacles in life and doing very well!” People are surprised when I reveal my situation.

From the outside it appears I am doing better than I am. Yet, I struggle with the same obstacles in life that affect you.  I am no different.

However, I am aware that my obstacles are temporary. And most important, I removed the biggest obstacle in life out of the way. Want to know what it was?

The biggest obstacle in life was, “ME!” Even more specifically, it was my thoughts about myself that created the obstacles in life that held me back for so long.  And it took years to figure it out and realize it, which is the reason for this week’s 3-part series.  I’ve been where you are, and I want to help you overcome to be, do, and have the best in all areas of life – wealth, prosperity, love, and peace.

For some unknown reason, I would sabotage my efforts before I began by saying things like, “It will not work,” I don’t have enough money,” “I will never find true lasting love, “ “No one will purchase my product and service” and on and on.

But fortunately for me, I began to realize that the obstacles that had been placed in my path forced me to go beyond the limitations I had set for myself.  In other words, I was being forced to come out of my comfort zone

Sure, it feels uncomfortable to do, and think, like you always have, but then I begin to realize it was the fear of the unknown that caused me to question and doubt myself.

Those obstacles in life should be used as a springboard to reach new heights and to experience new things.  But more often than not, these are the exact obstacles that knock us down and defeat us.  I will attack the topic of fear in part 2 of this 3 part series.

Do you like being miserable and unhappy?  Would you like to complain for the rest of your life about the imaginary obstacles in life you could not overcome?  Of course not!

You are aware the obstacles in life are not real, right? You created them and you can get rid of them.  Either you believe this or you don’t, and if you don’t there’s work to be done.

And if you are thinking, “I already know that”, then why are you in the same position you were months or years ago?   You must stop fooling yourself and be honest.  It’s time to face your truth, remove the mask, and come out of denial.  You can’t fix what you don’t face.

What have you done to improve your life?  Maybe you’ve said you were going to change and did absolutely nothing. Or worse, you attempted a few things and gave up too easily.

In this week’s 3-part series, we will explore the 3 biggest obstacles that prevent you from moving forward in life

1.      Procrastination

2.      Stepping out of your comfort zone

3.      Fear

Check out Part 2 of this topic on Wednesday for tips and methods on how to step out of your comfort zone.

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Article by:

Cathy Holloway Hill

Certified Life Coach & Career Consultant

Author of “Emotional Bailout – 9 Principles for Rising When Your World is Falling”

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