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NORFOLK,VIRGINIA – Details have emerged in the shooting deaths of Bill Bonney and Daquan Hill both of whom were shot and killed after a rap battles in Virginia. Hampton Roads has detailed stories on both killings:

Pound(Bonney) delivered two slams during the battle rap, witnesses later testified, that brought Stress to a boil. He called Stress “a hardback,” an insult to members of the Crips gang, then said the 5-foot-3-inch rapper was short.

The two fought, and a court later found that Stress fired the single shot that killed Pound.

Just after 2:30, Myrick and Hill agreed to a rap battle at a friend’s house in the 1200 block of Maltby Ave. They began to argue, curse and call each other names.

They fought and had to be separated three times.

Myrick, 31, admitted in court that he fired the shot that took Hill’s life. He pleaded guilty last month and faces up to 21 years in prison when sentenced in July.

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