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It’s a known fact that the right wing astronomically opposes any and all illegal immigrants on U.S. soil. Many are enraged by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s memo to field agents and office directors, advising them to focus on deporting only “dangerous” illegal immigrants. Many conservatives are accusing the government of not enforcing the law.

But in all reality, it’s impossible to deport every last illegal immigrant.

So why exactly does the GOP vehemently oppose the idea of allowing harmless immigrants the opportunity of legal citizenship? published an Op-ed that brings up some very strong points regarding illegal immigration and why the right’s stance is a bit absurd.

Here’s an excerpt:

Yes, these people broke the law. Everyone breaks the law. More than 40 percent of Americans admit to having smoked weed. George W. Bush drove drunk and used cocaine. He was only arrested for one of those things — and never went to jail, let alone faced a loss of citizenship and a 10-year exile in another country.

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The back-and-forth parlay on illegal immigration seems a bit racially toned. Are conservatives really trying to uphold the “law” or are they just being petty and down right racist? You decide.


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