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Audio Included in Post. Runs 52 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. A new law in Indiana will restrict access to arrest and conviction records to employers, landlords and other non-justice system agencies.  State Senator Greg Taylor, one of the authors of the law which passed the Indiana Legislature by a wide bi-partisan majority, explained the new law and answered many, many questions on Afternoons with Amos with Carlette Duffy and Ashley Pyland of Southeast Community Services.

Dubbed the Second Chance Law, HEA 1121has two separate provisions.

The first provision allows individuals to petition a court to restrict access to arrest records IF those arrest charges were dropped, never went to court, found non guilty in court, or a guilty verdict was overturned on appeal.

The second provision allows those convicted of non-violent misdemeanor or “D” felony charges (not include child or sexual offenses), after eight years with a clean record after the end of their sentence and probabtion periods, to petition a court to have those records restricted to non-justice agencies. In addition, the new law allows those who’ve had petitions granted to be able to legally tell employers thewy were not convicted of that crime.

Hear all the details above in the interview.