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MADISON, WIS. — Democrats won two seats in Tuesday’s historic Wisconsin State Senate recall election. Two of six GOP incumbents forced to defend their seats were ousted by Democrats, who, despite not claiming a majority of senate seats, considered the recall a major victory.

The current 17-16 majority that Republicans hold leaves no room for  disagreement.

“They’ve got to have legislation that all 17 Republicans, without exception, are for,” Democratic State Sen. Tim Cullen said.

“I keep reminding people, it wasn’t the legislature that started these recalls,” said Barca. “These were people across the state who just showed up in throngs and were very upset with the policies that were trying to roll back the clock on Wisconsin values — 50 years of collective bargaining, 40 years with the University of Wisconsin system, 30 years of women’s health, 70 years of environmental policies like recycling and clean water. This is a citizens’ movement, not a politicians’ movement.”

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