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One of the most incurable forms of cancer remains brain cancer and the average brain cancer survival rate period is 1-2 years. Still today, there is no recognized cure for this disease. Although treatment helps to improve the condition of the patient a little, there is no guarantee that it will be cured. Eleanor Mondale,  daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale who carved out her own reputation as an entertainment reporter, radio show host and gossip magnet, has died of brain cancer at her home in Minnesota. She was 51.

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There are number of factors that influence the brain cancer survival rate. These include the size of the tumor, the intensity of the cancer, its location within the brain, the overall health of the patient and the stage of the cancer. Brain tumor can often be removed through a completely surgery if it is benign and non cancerous and therefore increasing the brain cancer survival rate of the patient.

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The calculation of brain cancer survival rate is specific. Normally, the brain cancer survival rate is calculated on a 5 year period. This means that the brain cancer survival rate will show the percentage of patients who are still alive after passage of 5 years to the date when they were first diagnosed. Brain cancer survival rate are based on a huge number of people and therefore, it is very important that you do not use brain cancer survival rate for predicting the survival of an individual patient.