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Stanley Crouch wrote in his New York Daily News column that the billionaire Koch brothers are possibly funding Herman Cain because he “trumpets the interests of the 1% of our population,” who benefit from the less fortunate.

Crouch says that the brothers  “overstepped themselves” by funding Cain’s campaign, even though he has “no boots on the ground.”

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Though everyone talks about money, few know how powerful it can be.

One of the largest private corporations in the nation, Koch Industries, is run by Charles and David Koch, who inherited a small company from their father, Fred, when he died in 1967.

Fred Koch was a founder of the John Birch Society, a coven of anti-Communists and intellectual louts. The Koch brothers’ success allows them to further their father’s work: They know well what money is, how to make it and what it can do when focused on ruthless ideology.

The annual revenue of their business is about $100 billion, but all anyone outside of those at the top of the company know about its workings is next to nothing.