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Alex “Tracks” McFarland says he doesn’t want to hang in the hood and be perceived as a thug. So he hustles M&Ms and cookies in the New York City train system instead.

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And he makes $55,000 dollars a year doing it, thegrio reports.

Outlets on both sides of the Atlantic are reporting on a New York City man who makes $55,000 a year selling candy on the train. Folks might eye the young black men who typically peddle M&Ms and gummy bears to weary passengers with a tad of suspicion or even pity. Do they have a license for their livelihood? Can they make enough to survive? But Alex ‘Tracks’ McFarland, 24, has been lucratively catering to throngs of straphangers in New York’s subway system since the age of 11. And he makes roughly $150 a day doing it.

McFarland says it’s the M&Ms that keeps the cash flow rolling.

“I got M&M peanuts which is my number one seller,” McFarland says. “Number one seller. Without these, none of my candy would sell.”

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