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Men have to learn what love is before we can feel it or provide it. Too many fathers never learned what love was so they couldn’t teach their sons about love. Since fathers are not teaching sons about love, then love has to be taught from the Source. The Source of love is God. I learned in church one Sunday that the only true love is agape. Agape is God’s love. Agape is described as a selfless love felt by Christians for their fellow human beings. In order to love some one else, you must first love Christ. You can only love other Christians through your love for Christ. Men have to go to church to learn about love. There is no better place to learn about love than the Christian Church.

It is important that men learn about love at the church so that they can appropriately spread that love throughout their family at their homes. One of the major problems that we face in marriage & family in America today is that love and the focus of love is often times being misplaced. We have too many husbands that love their mothers more than they love their wives. We have too many husbands that love their children more than they love their wives. We have too many husbands that are in love with too many other things. “I love hanging out with my homeboys watching the game. I love my job. I love my business. I love my money.”

I am here to tell you today that I don’t love anything else until my wife is full of my love. All of my love is reserved for her and the world (my son, my mother, my stuff, my things) receives only the love that is left over.

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