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Fred Hammond talks Divorce & Desire to Remarry

by EEW Magazine Entertainment Editors

He is beloved for Gospel classics like “No Weapon,” and everybody’s favorite offering song,

“Blessed.” But there’s much more to Fred Hammond than praise and worship music. On the heels of

the release of his new album, God, Love & Romance, in an interview with ESSENCE.COM, Hammond

opens up about how his foray into love music and how it is connected to his failed marriage and

desire to remarry.

“I was in a marriage and we didn’t make it,” shares Hammond whose union ended 8 years ago. “So my

hope is, through my music, I can help heal some relationships that may be headed in that direction.”

The gifted songwriter believes that marriages are under siege by satanic forces. “The enemy is

attacking marriages! Fifty percent of first-time marriages in the church end in divorce,” he projects.

“Sixty percent of second-time marriages in the church end in divorce. And seventy percent of third-

time marriages follow the same pattern.  We come to church and put on a good face, but when we get

home, it’s another story. The reality is we are losing our families. “

After losing his own family, Hammond believes he is now whole and ready to find a wife again.

“There isn’t anyone in the picture right now, but I do look forward to getting married again. I

embrace it and I know there is someone out there for me.”

In the meantime, he plans to tour cities singing cuts from his latest project.

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