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When I watched Whitney’s entire funeral on Saturday, I turned to my husband as said, “Cissy took the world to church today!” For three straight hours, not only was Whitney honored, but God was honored and glorified. Earlier this year, on Jan. 5th, a South African prophet named Kim Clement said this:

“We’ve entered a season, and today the Lord spoke very clearly to me about February. I thought it would be January of 2012, the beginning of the year. But He said to me, “Everything begins in February. There will be a death – and everybody will know about it – and then there will be life that will begin to manifest.” You see, people, God wants to show us His goodness.”

Now, someone showed me this right after Whitney died. Remember, he said this in Jan., but the part that struck me was “then there will be life that will begin to manifest.” I think Whitney’s service was a seed to manifest lives being changed!

What do you think?

Watch this video and you may get a better understanding of what I mean!