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The song Me Myself & I by Beyonce used to be a mantra of mine. As I was coming out of my silly days as a college student and being more picky with the men I shared my time with, I heard this song and wrapped my mind around the strong idea that my newfound standards in men might just leave me single for life. In the song, Beyonce somberly sings, “I know that I will never disappoint myself,” and beckons for her legion of single ladies to deal during the man drought that awaits a girl in her mid to late 20s.

Solitude and isolation are states that many of us ladies are far too familiar with. In my dating droughts, it seemed that I was OK. I had a good job, bought a home and a bright future. Though I had learned to be a little more discriminate than I was in my early 20s, my loneliness was still causing me to make bad decisions. I was still giving the wrong parts of my self to the wrong people. In turn, I was subjecting myself to long bouts of isolation and solitude, disguising it as “working on me.” This vicious cycle ended, by the grace of God, when I began to learn that life by myself is not what God wants from me. He wants us all to have healthy, solid relationships. He wants us to be fulfilled, and not lonely. He cares that we cry alone at night sometimes. Having a boyfriend didn’t solve that feeling, but loving God sure did.

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Beyonce- “Me, Myself and I”

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