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Mpumalanga, which means the “land of the rising sun,” is a province that lies in southeast South Africa.  The popular tourist destination offers exhilarating wildlife, secluded mountain retreats, invigorating water sports, and diverse African cultures.  Sounds inviting, right?  Except that it also harbors a White youth camp for boys, ages 13 to 19, who are indoctrinated into believing that Blacks are “the most-underdeveloped, barbaric members of the human race.”  They are also being taught that “Blacks have a smaller cerebral cortex and therefore could not use their initiative or govern properly,” reports the UK’s Daily Mail and Guardian.

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The right wing Afrikaner camp in Mpumalanga are spewing hate against the Black South African population by teaching young and impressionable minds that Blacks are the enemy. Kommandokorps camp leader Franz Jooste‘s mission is to ensure that the boys understand that Blacks are responsible for the country’s murders, rapes, and robberies.  The 57-year-old man was also quoted as saying that it just takes him one hour to totally erase any notions that the boys might have about accepting the harmonious ideology of a rainbow coalition.  Ironically, Jooste also states, “All we want to do is channel the feeling they already carry within them. We don’t want them to hate.”

On the camp’s website, the group describes itself as an elite organization “protecting its own people” in the event of an attack; it also writes that its tactics are necessary “because the police and the military cannot provide help quickly enough.”

One of the children who completed the program was actually quoted as saying that before attending the camp, he had two Black friends and disliked racism.  After participating in Jooste’s program for nine days, the child says he has been taught to hate Black people and they are responsible for all murders.  The boy also wound up dropping his Black friends, whom he had actually enjoyed when they played the popular sport of paintball.

Thus far, the apartheid-era like camp has reportedly trained more than 1,500 boys in “defense skills.”  Jooste, who is a self-professed proud veteran who fought on South Africa’s borders with Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Angola, recruits students through e-mail and newsletters.  He also claims that an astounding 40 percent of youths wind up signing up for the program on their own while the rest are forced to attend by their parents.

Sadly, many of the children who attend the camp were too young to fully understand the devastation of the apartheid system that was in place in their country.  Although racial segregation reigned supreme as far back as colonial times, the system of apartheid was actually put in place between 1948 and 1994.  Apartheid separated the masses in South Africa into four racial groups (“native,” “white,” “coloured,” and “Asian”).

Residential and public areas, medical facilities, and education were all segregated. Blacks received inferior services, non-White political representation was nonexistent, and Blacks were deprived of citizenship.  Apartheid sparked ongoing unrest and violence grew to alarming proportions, with the country retaliating with police-led violence.

Obviously, the real tragedy of apartheid is not being taught. Jano, one of the boys in the program, told the Daily Mail and Guardian, “I don’t know what apartheid is, but a long time ago, Nelson Mandela made it so everyone has the same rights.”  Another boys identified as E.C. adds, that he would never marry a Black woman, with Jano chiming in by saying that he is afraid when he walks past Black people.

The country’s D.A. is calling for the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC ) to investigate the goings-on at the camp, which could be considered illegal.

“This training includes firearm handling and political indoctrination designed to foster racial hatred,” said spokesman for the DA’s office Mmusi Maimane.  He is asking that the agency open up a probe to determine whether there have been any hate crimes committed, find out how the group gets their weapons, and how the boys are being recruited.


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