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Colts fans welcome Andrew Luck

INDIANAPOLIS -Colts fans are ready for the Luck Era to begin. Eyewitness News headed north, south, east and west to hear what they were saying about the Colts’ number one draft choice.

SOUTHPORT – At the Baxter YMCA, several Colts fans were tuned in to pre-draft coverage on ESPN as they worked out in the fitness center.

Jack Smith said he was pumped up about Luck joining the team.

“There are big changes across the board from the general manager to the coach to the starting quarterback, so there’s a lot of potential for improvement over last year,” he said.

As for what he expects Luck to bring to the team, “hopefully the same things Peyton did – leadership, a positive work ethic; the things we took for granted with Peyton.”

Nick Pennington who was doing cardio said he was “kind of nervous, but excited. This is the first time since Peyton Manning that we’ve had the number one pick, we’ll see how it goes. This is another opportunity to have a great quarterback and maybe have a chance to win another Super Bowl.”

NORTH SIDE – At the Blue Crew Sports Grill, Peyton Manning still looms large on the walls and in fans’ hearts, and some fans aren’t yet feeling the luck.

Brian Beechler said he was “disappointed to see Peyton leave. I’m waiting to see. The proof is in the pudding. And as the games come out and they start playing we’ll see how they come together as a team.”

Steve Stringfield is a fan who’s got skin in the game. A big tattoo on his left arm celebrates the Colts’ Super Bowl victory. He says Luck’s the guy.

“I’m excited to have a new team and organization. I’ve been a Colts fan my whole life so I’m really pumped up to get back into it, to feel life come back into the team,” Stringfield said.

Asked if he’s thought about adding #12 to his other arm, Stringfield laughed, “Probably not. Not unless he pays for it and comes and does it with me.”

EAST SIDE – How can you not be a Luck fan at the Lucky Dog Retreat? It seemed the only dog not in on the game of ball was a pooch named Peyton. One young pup named Pablo showed his Colts pride by wearing a Colts bandana and playing with a blue and white football.

Owner Robin Herman, a lifelong Colts fan said Indy’s lucky to get Luck.

“He’s a great quarterback and he’s new blood,” she said. “We don’t need someone else who’s been on another team. This is new and it will be exciting.”

WEST SIDE – At Eagle Creek Golf Course, golfers were keeping their eye on the ball and hoping Luck becomes the driving force behind a winning team.

Charles Casey, who’s new to Indianapolis, said, “I think it’s a wonderful deal for the city; they’re starting over. One era is over with Peyton and a new one is starting with Andrew.”

David Kemp agreed: “we’re going to get some luck, very good luck. It’s a new beginning and they’re going to roll with it because they still have some good defensive players.”

Carolyn Coughlin, who was loading her clubs into a car with Colts license plates, said while she “really hated to see Peyton go,” Luck “is smart and seems to be family-oriented.”

Coughlin likes that Luck seems to be a lot like Manning on and off the field as a role model.

“I just think kids look up to [the players] and they need to be excellent role models,” she said.

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