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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday said he is “fine” with homosexual couples adopting children.

Romney told Fox News host Neil Cavuto:

“I know many gay couples that are able to adopt children. That’s fine. But my preference is that we … continue to define marriage as the relationship between a man and a woman.”

While commenting on adoption, Romney stopped short of offering any further criticism of Obama, saying he will “respect the right of the president to reach the conclusion he has. This is an issue where you can’t really convince someone about…It’s something where you either believe one way or the other. It’s very much like the issue of life. And we come down on different sides of this issue after giving it careful thought and consideration.”

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The issue Romney now faces is given his stance that same-sex couples not be allowed to marry, he is advocating that children be adopted into a household where the parents in a majority of the states are not allowed to marry.

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