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Remember when you were in kindergarten and there was always one kid that was just a jerk, but they were your assigned line partner and you had to be with then ALL the time, even though you just didn’t like them?  Maybe there was someone in your high school Biology class that you just couldn’t stand but they were your lab partner so you had to work with them to get your grade? BREAKING NEWS FOLKS; NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Human beings have different personalities and sometimes yours will clash with someone elses. The lessons we learned when we were growing up could serve us in this workplace situation. Here are some tips on effectively working with someone you don’t like.

Principles to Remember


  • Manage your own reaction to the behavior first
  • Practice emotional detachment so the person’s behaviors don’t bother you
  • Spend time trying to get to know the person and better understand what motivates him


  • Assume that it is all about the other person — you likely play some part
  • Commiserate with others who could be unfairly influenced by your negativity or may judge you for your complaints
  • Give feedback unless you can focus on work issues and can avoid a personal conflict

(source HBR Blog Network) 

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