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Bigoted birther and anti-President Barack Obama activist Orly Taitz got smacked down by a court in Indianapolis this week. Taitz, the controversial California attorney was seeking to have President Obama’s name removed from Indiana’s election ballot on the grounds the President’s not a citizen and has committed fraud and other alleged crimes. Taitz was appealing a decision by the Indiana Election Commission that ruled against her charges last February. In a 75 minute court hearing this week, the State of Indiana told Marion County Superior Court Judge S.K. Reid that Taitz’s case contained numerous jurisdictional and procedural defects and asked the Judge to dismiss Taitz’s case.  During the hearing, Taitz disparaged Indiana officials and Indiana’s process and tried to present “evidence” that President Obama’s birth certificate is false. Judge Reid declined to hear Taitz arguments on the birth certificate issue because it had nothing to do with the purpose of the hearing. Judge Reid granted the State’s motion and dismissed Taitz’s case.

Back in May, Taitz, using an assumed name of “Lena” called Afternoons with Amos and complained to Host Amos Brown about her case against the State of Indiana. Taitz disparaged new Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson who was a guest on the program. When Brown asked if “Lena” was really Taitz, she abruptly hung up.

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