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Been thinking about going back to school, but bills still need to be paid? Here are a few ways to go back to school and still have money to cover room,board, books and tuition.

APPLY TO A SCHOOL THAT HAS NO TUITION: Some schools even cover room and board! Keep in mind, however, that there might be a work requirement, these schools are geographically scattered, and admissions are generally very competitive. In the US, such institutions include College of the Ozarks, Deep Springs College, Berea College, Olin College of Engineering, Cooper Union, Curtis Institute of Music, and Alice Lloyd College. More schools are beginning to waive tuition for students who meet certain income requirements. Stanford University, for example, doesn’t charge tuition to students whose families earn less than $100,000 a year, and also waviers room and board for students whose families earn less than $60,000 a year.

 WORK FOR A COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY: Most institutions allow eligible employees to pursue an education at no charge. If you can get hired at a school, you can probably go there for free, whether you’re an administrative assistant or a cook. Eligibility varies, of course, and some schools are more generous than others. You’ll have to do your homework, but there are many opportunities to be had with this route, like taking classes for free at Harvard University while working 20 hours a week as a janitor!

LOOK FOR TUITION WAVIERS: When checking out schools, ask about tuition waivers. You might have to do a lot of asking, though. They can be like hidden gems. For example, you might get a waiver for working on the school’s newspaper, being a lab assistant, being a teaching assistant, or taking on the responsibilities of a resident assistant (RA). In addition, some tuition waivers are offered by the government. In Illinois, for example, you can receive a four-year tuition waiver if you commit to teaching in that state in special education once you graduate. Usually, state-based tuition waivers are offered to residents of that particular state, so do an Internet search for the state you’re already a resident of and “tuition waiver”

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