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Ok this was a tear jerking article for me.  As a mother, I know I believe in God and I also believe that God put doctors on this earth to help assist us in our health.  Do you feel that Christians are compromising their faith if they use medicine?

Here is an article I would like to share with you

From The debate over the validity of faith and prayer-facilitated ‘healings’ has taken place for centuries. The Christian church, arguably the pillar of most Black communities, is a place where support is given to the ailing and their families. However, some parishioners take the faith-driven words of their pastor and translate hopeful messages into ultimatums, i.e. believing that to visit the doctor regularly means to forfeit your trust in God. They daily ignore their symptoms and rely solely on their faith.

In May of this year, Jacqueline Crank and Ariel Ben Sherman were found guilty of neglect in the death of Jacqueline’s daughter Jessica in 2002. The fifteen-year-old Tennessee girl developed a tumor on her shoulder after she, her sibling and her mother moved into a living facility with other parishioners from their church and Sherman – their “spiritual father.” When Jessica’s tumor was noticed, Sherman advised Jacqueline to rely solely on prayer. In this case, Knox News reported that any medical intervention would not have prevented the teenager’s death. In Tennessee, state law allows a parent to choose faith over medicine provided that parent is adherent to the doctrine of a “recognized church or denomination,” though the law is unclear on what constitutes a “recognized” religion.

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