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Alicia Keys designing her own Reebok sneakers


Alicia Keys (courtesy of Reebok)Alicia Keys is no longer just a mom, philanthropist and a multi-talented recording artist — she now designs sneakers for Reebok. The R&B singer has always had a passion for sneakers and she is teaming up with the major label brand to create her own unique line based on their iconic 5411 shoes. In a recent interview with People she explained how the project came into fruition:


Growing up, Alicia Keys loved Reebok’s 5411 sneakers. “When I loved them, they were $54.11,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’ve been a fan forever, since I was a little girl — that’s been my flow, my style.”

In fact, when creating the video for “If I Ain’t Got You” Keys took a pair of 5411s and customized them, thinking,”‘ How cool would that be if I brought these back into my style?’,” she recalls. As time passed, “the opportunity presented itself — my husband [Swizz Beatz] works closely with Reebok — and I just loved how they’re bringing back the brand in such an incredible way.”

Now, the soulful singer is designing her own take on the 5411s, a.k.a. the Freestyle Hi, as well as Reebok’s Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess.

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