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Cicely C. Mitchell

In these somewhat trying economic times, we are all looking for ways to save money and get the most out of what we spend. So in this week’s “Save Money Mondays”, let’s explore ways to get the most out of online coupon clipping!

What Is It That You Use?

When shopping for good deals, it is best to stick with coupons for things you really use. It is okay to try another brand or a new product but in terms of things you will utilize, it is best to stick with what you will use on an on-going basis. Looking for something that you do not use or coupons for somewhere you know you will not go would be a waste of your time.

Find a Few Good Sites and Visit Them Often

Finding a site that houses great online deals is a real gem! If you have two or three great sites that provide savings on things you use all of the time, then bookmark those sited and visit them often. They are bound to have other money-saving offers that you will be sure to take advantage of. Also, it is a good rule of thumb to visit those sites either first thing of a new month, or early in the month. Sometimes manufacturers instruct the issuers to cap the number of coupons they distribute and that could leave you at a loss if its later in the month and the offer is gone or expired.

Utilize your Social Networking Skills!

Many companies and manufactures offer tens of thousands of coupons online daily. Most coupon sites manage Facebook and Twitter accounts to push some of the best discounts. You may find that by just having an active Twitter or Facebook account that you will come across offers that are not mentioned on the site of the company or manufacturer. Some companies offer designated days of an offer and you can take advantage of those offers early!

Visit Store/Company Sites and Simply Ask!

It is indeed true; most of your department stores and grocery stores have online flyers. If you have a specialty store that you love, it is OK to connect with someone in their marketing department and ask when are special offers given. Sometimes, you can plan when you will get a great offer and sometimes companies have no problem sharing when they will have a special offer. So visit that favorite store online a few times a week and quickly you will see what the offer in terms of money-saving goodies!

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