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From Dallas News

SAN DIEGO – Shirley Sherrod, the black federal official who was forced to resign last week after a conservative website posted a selectively edited video of her, said Thursday that President Barack Obama “needs a little lesson” in race relations.

Sherrod, who was the USDA’s director of rural development in Georgia, was asked by a journalist at the NABJ meeting if she thought Obama, the country’s first black president, has a blind spot on civil rights issues.

“I think he does,” she replied, adding, “That’s why I invited him to southwest Georgia. I need to have him down there, so I can take him around and show him that history.” Blacks and whites in that region “don’t get along the way we should, but we don’t get along as bad as we used to, and there is some reason to hope we can make it even better,” she said. “He should come down and see that and hear that firsthand. He needs a little lesson.”

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