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After surveillance video of two teenage boys robbing a 9-year-0ld girl was released to the public, their parents swiftly turned them in to he cops, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

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Video shows the two teens–ages 13 and 14–eyeing the girl’s wallet as she paid for her items in a Philadelphia corner store around 8:30 a.m Friday morning. They waited outside of the store for the child to exit through the door. As soon as she stepped out, the boys held her up and ran off with her wallet. It had $13 in cash. There are no reports of the boys being armed.

Cops released footage of the robbery to news outlets Friday night and the response was instant.

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The first boy’s mother showed up at the 14th Police District’s headquarters with her son and turned him in, according to a detective. The mother said that she had seen the video and identified her son as one of the robbers. An hour later, police said they got another call from the other suspect’s parents; they, too, identified their son and wanted to turn him in.

Both boys were arrested and charged with robbery and related offenses, said Officer Christine O’Brien, a police spokeswoman. The boys were then released to their parents and allowed to go home.

In a phone interview with The Enquirer, the detective credited the parents for the quick arrests and added a warning for would-be criminals: Security cameras have gotten better, he said. It was just a matter of time.

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