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It’s not rare for an artist to own and operate his own label. It’s almost common that an artist with his own label has a roster of talent to boast about. What is rare is an independent label owner with no major distribution winning a Grammy!Self-made is not the only title Lecrae associated with the rapper. Other titles associated with Lecrae include: Lyricist, CEO, label owner, community activist, non-profit owner, MC and now, Grammy Award winner.

All are amazing, but what’s more impressive is that he is not the typical rapper. Yes, he flows like one, dresses like one, even has the background and ‘street cred’ like one. The difference being, he is rapping about the Gospel. Preaching and uplifting instead of slinging and corrupting. This man of God has taken his talent in a direction that people would have turned their backs on years ago.

The combination of Hip-Hop and Gospel, not too long ago, was not acceptable in either genre, but, with the likes of an artist like Lecrae, it is no longer the exception, it can one day be the rule. First off, congratulations on your Grammy! How does it feel to be the first rapper to win a Grammy in the Best Gospel Album category?
Lecrae: It’s amazing. It’s barrier shattering. Elvis who was a Rock and Roll artist won his Grammy’s in Gospel and now years later a Hip-Hop artist has done it. It’s good for music, good for people of faith.
As an artist, was winning a Grammy a goal for you? What was/is your ultimate goal as far as being an artist?
I’d hope any music artist’s goal is to make great music, to display the gift of creativity for others. If it is recognized and appreciated at the Grammy’s, I am grateful. As a businessman obviously I realize the endorsement and validation prestigious awards give to products as well.
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