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Funeral homes and crematories provide necessary, but morbid, services that take a high-level of professionalism and privacy for the families they serve.  But, when those services do not adhere to the professionalism expected all hell breaks loose!

A community in Scottsdale, Arizona, is up in arms over a plume of black smoke coming from the Paradise Memorial Gardens and Crematory that veiled their community last week.  Steven and Lee Ein told reporters that a public notice was left at their doorstep regarding a mysterious soot in the air.

“It’s not like there are pieces of bones flying through the air but its soot, soot from anywhere isn’t pleasant,” said Lee.

Cremationist Jim Ahearne runs the crematory and denied that the soot was human soot in the air, but then in the same breath stated that their was an enormous man brought in for cremation that caused some “bad smoke.”

“We had a very large individual, just under 800 pounds, that was cremated and it did smoke and it smoked for about a half hour and it was bad smoke,” Ahearne added.

Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) is investigating.

“We’ve asked for records. We’ve asked for a scheduling of when they burn, we’ve sent inspectors out there many times,” MCAQD spokesperson Bob Huhn said.

According to Ahearne they are allowed 30 seconds of smoke.

“It does smoke once in a while. We’re allowed 30 seconds of smoke but hopefully we don’t even have that most of the time, but sometimes it will smoke,” said Ahearne.

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