Students will compete in the first round of public spelling in the Scripps national spelling bee Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, the spellers took the traditional 24-word written spelling test with a new twist – a vocabulary section to see if the competitors could define the words, too.

Thirteen students from Indiana are competing – seven are from central Indiana, including Cy Orentlicher, 12, of Indianapolis. He is in sixth grade.

“When you’re on stage there, you’re nervous that you’re going to get a word that you don’t know to spell so you’ll get, and when you’ve gotten your word you’re kind of nervous that you’ll get it wrong – ya I’m really excited to be here with a bunch of other people, meeting them, making friends,” he said.

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Fifty children will advance through the three preliminary rounds to go on to the semifinals.

ESPN says it will carry the spelling bee on its channels

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