UPDATED WITH COMMUNITY/LISTENER REACTION: Afternoons with Amos listeners were virtually unanimous in lavishing praise on an Indianapolis mom and how she handled a problem with her children. Callers flooded the program with shout outs to Natashia Scott, the Indianapolis mom who publicly shamed her kids because they stole from her.  I learned about this story on my way home from a meeting Tuesday night.  At one of Indy’s busiest intersections, I saw two young people holding signs, watched by an older lady with a younger child.  I did a U-turn and saw the two young people holding signs. One sign said ““I am a thief. I stole from my mother and family. I can’t be trusted. If you see me on the streets, watch out because I am a THIEF.” The other sign said, “I am a accomplice to a thief! I help spend stolen money from my step mom. Don’t trust me!” I talked to the older lady and learned she was their mother.  At the intersection of 38th and Dr. Martin Luther King/Michigan Road, Natashia Scott was punishing her two of her children in a creative and unusual way.  It seems her two children Xachery and Unique had stolen a gift card from their mom.  When she found out about it, she made them write their messages of remorse on cardboard signs and stand on the southwest corner of the busy intersection for motorists and the community to see their penance.  Mrs. Scott told me it was her way of sending a message to her son and daughter and make them understand the wrong they did.  I asked her had the police come up and said anything to her.  She said an officer had stopped by and she told them what was going on he said “Good for you” and left.  Cameramen and reporters for local media happened on the scene like I did and reported the sight of a parent exercising creative discipline to their children.  The Indianapolis Star reported that Mrs. Scott said she’s received the gift card at her job at St. Vincent’s Hospital for being an “exemplary employee”. She told the Star, that she refused to lose her children to crime. ” If it takes for them to get humiliated, that’s what I’m going to do,” Scott told the newspaper.  Scott told WISH-TV/Channel 8, ““This is their punishment, because I refuse to let them fall victim to the streets. I didn’t want to beat them, so now they get to sit and stand out here on 38th Street and let everybody know what they did.” Click the Arrow to Hear our Indianapolis reacted to how this mom handled the situation. Runs 32 Minutes. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.

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