Everybody’s got to grow up sometime; it’s just that reality stars can take a little longer than some. Well, consider Nicole Richie — erstwhile star of “The Simple Life” — all grown up now, and ready to take responsibility for some of her mistakes. Like a particular tattoo.

“My embarrassing tramp stamp!” she laughed about it on TODAY Tuesday morning while discussing her new web series, “#CandidlyNicole.”

The show, which posts on AOL on Tuesdays, basically is made up of short videos focusing on her tweets. “Twitter is something that I enjoy doing,” she said. “I don’t take it that deep.”

But while she’s still living a funny life via Twitter, her real life is now that of a wife (to Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden) and mom of two kids. “Joel and I are very specific about the way that we do raise our children,” she said. “We just do everything that we can to make sure that they live normal lives.”

Well, as normal as you can when you’ve got a rock star for a dad, a web star for a mom and an R&B icon — in Lionel Richie — for a granddad. Speaking of which, Richie (who will perform on the TODAY Plaza Friday) appears in the June 11 “#CandidlyNicole” episode doing something surprising — gardening.

“L-Train is the best at gardening,” she said. “We decided to throw him a bone and help him out.”

Yep, all grown up now!

according to today.com

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