The mystery surrounding Brock Lesnar’s illness has been cleared up a bit. The UFC heavyweight champion is suffering from a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract, though it looks like he may be released from the hospital soon.

“He’s in stable condition and should be released soon,” UFC president Dana White said.

White said he spoke with Lesnar on Monday, but he wouldn’t reveal which hospital Lesnar was currently being treated at because he wanted to protect his privacy.

White also said he is encouraging Lesnar to check into the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for further treatment, but still doesn’t know if Lesnar will fight again.

“It depends on how serious this is,” White said.

White relayed Lesnar’s thanks to all his fans for their support as the champ tries to battle through this infection. “He’s never in good spirits and he’s not in good spirits now,” White said.

As reported earlier, Lesnar’s possible title defense against Shane Carwin at UFC 108 on Jan. 2 has been postponed indefinitely while Lesnar recovers.

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