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We’ve all at one time or another gotten them – razor bumps I mean. And if you have coarse hair like myself, you’re more prone to them because curly hair tends to turn inward, back into the hair cuticle producing a bothersome bump.

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Although I keep my skin from head-to-toe pretty exfoliated, a hair bump or two does show up every now and then, but rather than be tempted by picking at it with a sharp pair of tweezers and potentially leave a scar, I now keep Shaveworks The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion ($25, nearby after each shaving session. This fresh-smelling gel concoction – also known as a blessing in a bottle according to me, helps me treat my ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and any redness I may have.

Some after shave products that shall remain nameless sting, a product feature ’Cool Fix’ can’t relate to. The only thing you’ll feel when you apply ’Cool Fix’ after you’ve put the shaving tool down, completed a waxing session or after you’ve had an electrolysis treatment is a cool sensation, ergo the name. I promise you, this product doesn’t sting or burn in the slightest and can be used immediately on an irritated bikini area, underarms and legs and should be used daily on dry, cleansed skin on the affected area.

‘Cool Fix’ is comprised of exfoliating agents that free hairs trapped beneath the skin as it kills bacteria and prevents future ingrown hairs.

I like ‘The Cool Fix’ and I think you will too.


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