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Kirk Franklin concert in Africa ends with some

‘Holy ghost crazy noise’!


Kirk FranklinAfrica — Courtesy to TBR — The hour has come. The auditorium is dark. Kirk Franklin has finally arrived in the Motherland. The crowd chants from the gallery high up the auditorium!  “We want Kirk! We want Kirk! The crowd is now on their chairs still chanting.


Kirk is finally on stage with such power, wearing a white T-shirt and he’s ready to do 20 years of gospel music in one night. Starting with “Lovely Day” Kirk is just warming up as starts to sing along. Kirk then announces that a V.I. P. is in the building. His name is Jesus!


Kirk then starts interacting with the crow and relates a story about how God makes lemonade out of lemons. He sings ‘I Know that I can Make it’ and when he transitions into singing ‘Imagine Me’ everyone is ready to sing along.


He assures the audience that no matter what life brings up, ‘there is something about the name Jesus’ that still gives us hope for ‘a brighter day’. He adds Michael Jackson’s ‘We are the world’ and the sing along continues.


People are standing on chairs listen to him minister, the tempo lowers as he speaks. Everybody hangs on to his every word. And audience trade out shouts after shout with him.


He performs many more songs and finishes with a ‘God like you’. A thick and exhausted crowd begins to file out. It is turn for taxi drivers to make money.


No Tribe


The stage is truly African now. No Tribe mounts, with two huge drums with one of them beating the drums like a trained gong-gong beater with such a fascinating rhythm that gets the crowd hugely enthusiastic.


‘Nyame ye’ is the song they begin with the crowd sings along. Award-winning Na Cee makes the stage his own. ‘Ab3 mu awye’ is delighting the audience. No Tribe are something else!! Truly this is a great performance as a new dance is introduced called the crab dancing.


They send the entire congregation looking in one direction as the congregation joins in the crab dancing. Amazing stuff!!! Jama in the house now. Dancing shouting is on but ooo sad, No Tribe has to go. The crowd wants more. OOOOO boouy something else so far.


The M.C introduces seasoned men of God, Bishop James Saah and pastors from ICGC. Politicians are also present. Mike Gizo, a former minister under NDC and Nana Oye Lithur, current minister for Women and Children Affairs. Pastor Gabriel Ansah of N’asem University is also introduced.


She begins in a worship mood. The crowd moves with the flow. They were jumping, shouting moments ago when Ohemaa Mercy performed but here they are now in a emotive mood. Their anointed hands lifted high up.


Some have closed their eyes in worship of the Almighty God. Several lips tremble in obvious prayer. If this continues – grateful tears is not far from any eye. Marfo tries to change the gear with the shouts of choo boi!! choo boi! the crowd responds hey! at each shout. Two more worship songs has turned her performance into real church service. And she ends.


Ohemaa Mercy


The Edin Jesus singer has taken over the microphone and she is greeted with rapturous applause from a spirited crowd. With no time to waste at all, Mercy gets on fire. Clad in an all yellow attire and with her powerful voice she gets the crowd jumping, hoping, singing her delectable tunes.


She ad-libs so well; crowd sings long so well. The excitement is getting to a crescendo. Ahhh, greets the end of the performance – an agonizing end from an insatiable crowd.


The Kirk Franklin concert ends Adom Praiz 2013 with some ‘holy ghost crazy noise’!         


Cwesi Oteng


The concert has started with every inch of space covered. Thousands are still queued outside waiting to enter. The atmosphere inside is electric, completely unimaginable. The songs have begun.


It is Cwesi Oteng, the first of the advertised act who has taken over the microphone and wow, a thunderous applause welcomes him on stage. The hunger for his performance is palpable. He sings his trademarks ‘God dey bless me’ and every syllable vibrates through the auditorium in thunderous competition with the heavenly angelic choir.


He does a Nigerian song which is greeted with relentless response. Nobody is interested in sitting. The crowd wants more but time is not a good friend here. Cwesi Oteng has to go.


After months, weeks and days of expectation, the hour with multiple award winning American gospel artiste Kirk Franklin has come.


The Perez Dome venue for the Adom Praiz is blazing hot just minutes before the concert actually begins.


Patrons, thousands of them, have already taken their seats. Several hundreds are in long meandering queues which stretch to the main Dzorwulu road.


The 14,000 capacity venue is already feeling the heat and will soon be set on Holy Ghost fire. The apostles- Cwesi Oteng, No Tribe, Cecilia Marfo and Kirk Franklin are set to bring heaven down on earth.