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When the legendary former lead singer for ’60s soul group The Chambers, Lester Chambers (pictured left), began singing a peace song on July 13th for the slain youth Trayvon Martin, Dinalynn Andrews-Potter (pictured) shoved and assaulted him onstage. But instead of being slapped with a hate crime for her violent behavior, she was booked for assault and abuse, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

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In the video, the 73-year-old recording artist can be seen onstage singing the famous Curtis Mayfield peace anthem “People Get Ready” just before Andrews-Potter quickly approaches him.

And what happens next takes everyone by surprise.

Andrews-Potter climbs on to the stage; yells, “It’s all your fault”; and then shoves Chambers down, causing him to fall on a speaker. The 43-year-old blonde is then seen trying to pummel the singer as he lay on the floor. And even though band members came to Chamber’s rescue and vigorously attempted to tackle Andrews-Potter, she continues to viciously attack the elderly crooner.

Finally, the woman is carried off the stage by a few men as she tries to fight them off of her.

Watch Lester Chambers being attacked by Dinalynn Andrews-Potter here:

Andrews-Potter was arrested after the attack but was later released.

After the attack, Chambers, who now has to use a cane to walk, suffered bruised rib muscles and nerve damage. A photo his son posted on Facebook (pictured below) shows a large welt on his backside.

Chambers and his family, who thought the attack was racially motivated, reportedly tried to get the Alameda County district attorney to charge Andrews-Potter with a hate crime but were unsuccessful.

According to authorities, Andrews-Potter’s motives were unclear and the D.A. found no evidence of racial hostility.

Instead, Andrews-Potter, who is retired from the U.S. Navy, reportedly informed police that it was a verse in the Mayfield song that caused her to lose it.

Andrews-Potter isn’t entirely off of the hook, though.

On Wednesday, an arrest warrant was reportedly issued for Andrews-Potter and new charges of felony assault and elder abuse were put in place.

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