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Tequila Forshee, 12, was gunned down Wednesday night when bullets pierced the windows of her grandmother’s Miami Gardens home, reports NBC Florida.

At approximately 11:30, a gunman — or gunmen — opened fire on the home while Tequila was sitting on a couch getting her hair done.

She was later pronounced dead at the scene.

“We’ve got a lot of Trayvons out here,” said Glenn Forshee, Tequila’s dad said. “We’ve got a lot of black on black crime. We’ve got a lot of ignorant BS, and we ain’t standing for the BS.”

“My oldest daughter got grazed in the arm with a bullet,” he said. “My kids watched (their) little sister die. (They’re) torn apart.”

The  grandmother, Tawanda Frazier-Brown, was shot in the leg and released Thursday.

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“I felt something in my leg, I thought I just got hit by glass or something,” Frazier-Brown said. She said she believes her son may have been the target of the gunman or gunmen.

“This is gang-related, my niece was shot in the head,” aunt Cherina Forshee said. “If anybody knows anything, has seen anything, please give the police a call, the family is just going really crazy, and we appreciate your help and support.”

Glenn Forshee arrived heartbroken to the home where his daughter died. Adding to the pain, he said, is knowing his three other children could only watch helplessly.

On Thursday afternoon, Miami Gardens Police went door to door looking for answers, while the 12-year-old’s father remembered the last time he saw her.

“She gave me a kiss and she said, ‘goodnight daddy’. As she walked out I told her, ‘I love you’. She said, ‘I love you too daddy,’” he said. “And that was the last physical moment I had with my baby.”

Two women from the RIT Foundation, a support group for families of murdered children, led a prayer vigil for the family Thursday night.

“Children at 12 years old are not supposed to be dying of gun violence and it’s happening too often in our community and we’re just here to offer words of comfort to the family, being that we’ve had to walk the same path. We had to cry the same tears,” Queen Brown said.

Frazier-Brown said that she wished that she had been the one killed because her granddaughter had her entire life ahead of her:

“The last thing she told me was, ‘Thank you, Grandma, for buying all my schoolclothes. I love you.’”

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Unfortunately, this incident is not unsual.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Andrew Thomas, 21, and his one-year-old son Drew Jackson were visiting family in East Oakland, California when they were fatally shot in their sleep Wednesday morning, reports ABC7 News.

Father and son had traveled from Fresno, California to visit family and attend the funeral of a cousin, Al Rivera, 18, who was shot and killed last weekend. Thomas and baby Drew were asleep when at least one gunman entered the backyard of his aunt’s home at around 3:00 a.m. and sprayed the house with bullets.

“He was still breathing when they took him up out of here,” said aunt Konya Baylis of the baby. “I called 911, and she was telling me to stay on the phone and then he was still kinda breathing and then he turned over then he laid down and blood was kinda coming out of his mouth.”

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