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The American Cancer Society recently revealed their conclusion of a study that was published by the Archives of Internal Medicine.  The study tracked the health of 100,000 people over nine years.   The researchers tracked 48, 500 men and 56, 343 women over 50 from 1997 to 2006.   According to the report, having a larger size waist doubled the risk of dying from any cause during the study period compared to the individuals with smaller waists.  Persons with larger waist size were linked with a higher risk of death regardless if they were normal weight, overweight or obese. For the study, the waist size was taken by using a tape measure and running tape around the waist right above the navel.

The researchers found interesting findings in women.  The association between their waist size and mortality rate was strongest among women who were at normal weight.  Noted epidemiologist states it’s important to watch your waist as well as your weight.  People should take notice when you’re moving up in pant size and take that as a warning sign  to start eating better and exercising more.

A thick waist has been considered a risk factor for heart disease. New studies have added more risks due to having a large waist such as respiratory failure, cancer and other causes.  The waist sizes that are considered alarming are  47 inches or larger for men and 42 inches or larger for women.

Losing weight and inches can be a difficult task for people.  With determination to eat better and exercise more, positive results can happen.  Reducing your waist size and weight can turn your body into a healthier one.

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