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Though he is more than a year removed from his American Idol days, Colton Dixon is finally working on the music video for his number one single “Never Gone”.

Choosing an abandoned warehouse in Nashville, director Eric Walsh claims the music video has a “Tim Burton industrial feel to it.”

Though this is Dixon’s first music video, he says his days on Idol gave him the tools to be comfortable in the spotlight

Idol prepared us for a lot of this. We were always on camera, so they taught us how to look past a camera to those watching. I am excited that I’m finally getting to use those tools.”

The outspoken Christian artist says they didn’t want to pick a concept straight from the Bible on purpose but inevitably found one.

“We didn’t want to get too specific. But landed on the prodigal son story.”

Though Colton Dixon has come a long way since competing on singing reality show, he admits his passion for the project still makes him emotional.

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