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According to numerous reports surrounding women and our relationships with money, one suggestion appears to be a main stay across most reports. It has been suggested for years that women, and our lack of confidence and risk aversion when dealing with money, are not up to par with men’s negotiating for and understanding stock and retirement benefits. However, as many women are now competing with men in regards to positions with increased pay and benefits, the tide may be changing in this area.

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As reported in a 2012 article, the following are key differences in attitudes about money between the sexes:

1) Women avoid risk more than men, which can prove damaging in the long haul. As women tend to mitigate risks more than men, it is suggested that we do not take full advantage of all of the rewards that may be reaped from investing in the sometimes volatile stock market.

2) Women worry more about the effect of money on relationships. According to a survey by Campden Wealth and Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, 79% of younger “ultra wealthy” women are concerned that their wealth will complicate relationships with spouses, friends and colleagues. It was assumed in this article that the same conclusions can be drawn for women and men in all income and net worth brackets.

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