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This video describes exactly how I feel about the software update for my iPhone. If I wasn’t a grown woman in her 40’s I think I would have reacted the same way…

I don’t adapt well to change; or shall I say sudden change. This new operating software for my iPhone has just messed up my whole equilibrium.

I am a new iPhone user. I haven’t even had this phone a year yet. I was coming from a Blackberry, I am one of those people who don’t go with the status-quo. I like to be different, and I like what I like… period. Well, Blackberry was running its course, and not performing as well, so in March of 2013 I decided to switch over to an iPhone. I got the 4s because it had a bit more than the 4 and Siri intrigued me. It was an adjustment at first, but surprisingly I started to like this phone. I could check messages, email, my twitter and facebook quite easily. I really got use to it. Then Sept. 18 happened. I didn’t hear too much about the this new update. We use iPads at school, so the technology department was warning us about the update and telling us since everyone would be updating to possibly wait until we got home to update so we wouldn’t be a part of the back up or slow down. My 14 year old son also reminded me about it when I got home. Now keep in mind, I hadn’t watched any videos , read any articles, nor did I see any reports on the news about this new update, so I had NO idea it was going to be any major changes. Well I go and update my phone and my personal iPad. I was a little excited because I am all for minor improvements. Then after about 15 minutes, I check my phone and it looks TOTALLY different! Like I had a new phone!!

I was in shock! What the heck just happened?!?

I hated the color, the new icons, the way my keyboard looked, everything was wrong!! The notebook is no longer a yellow legal pad, it’s just white, and my text messages are on this white background which makes it hard to read and my email too! This messed up my night and my entire day!  Why did I do this update? Why can’t I change it back? I need help and need it fast. I check the message boards, the help centers, websites, anything that can help me figure out what is going on!

Well it’s currently day 3 with this new software and I am feeling a little better. I still don’t like it, but just like the parent said in the video, I guess I have to get used to it. Thanks a lot Apple. Thanks a lot.

Donna Schiele

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