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Is botox good for your skin? Coco Chanel once said,”Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

Coco’s quote to me meant that you should nurture the gift you’ve been bestowed at all costs, just short of looking unnaturally pulled and snatched. Enter the cat lady – Jocelyn Wildenstein – a cautionary tale.

Aging is inevitable and we all recognize that wrinkles are the absolute pits, unless you’re that woman who tries to see the positive and calls them “character lines.” But don’t give into aging, fight it and don’t go broke doing it.

Yes, Botox, a known poison is available to the vast majority of us if we have, on the low-end to start, $250. But what is a budgetnista to do when she needs to keep the wrinkles at bay while saving a buck? She, meaning me, uses SkinPro DNA Pharmaceutical Grade Eye Serum ($89.95,, a revolutionary anti-wrinkle peptide derived from the venom of the Temple Viper – a synthetic snake venom, which in simple speak means that it lessens expressions lines and inhibits muscle contractions around the eyes.

Called Botox without a needle, ‘DNA’ contains the protein Walgerlin-1, a tri-peptide that targets neuromuscular activity, which causes wrinkles to form. Far different from Botox because it’s needle-free, ’DNA’ can be used topically and daily with results seen almost immediately. Safe for all skin types and can be worn under makeup.

The packaging: Super cute! I’m a sucker for packaging that makes you remember the product inside and this unique syringe-like dispenser will forever remain in my memory banks.

Directions for use:  Daily.

How many applications do I get? You’ll get anywhere from 45-60 uses from one syringe of anti-wrinkle eye serum.

Gregorie’s Grade: A+


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