Nigerian father Chris Elvis has been arrested for allegedly fatally beating his 4-year-old child, Godrich, (pictured) and padlocking his mouth to prevent him from screaming as the ‘evil’ was being beaten out of him, according to the International Business Times.

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The 30-year-old Lagos native, who works as a security guard for a private company, had a run of bad luck and blamed his child for all of the misfortune in his life. Elvis thought that Godrich was a “child of evil” or “Ogbanje,” so he allegedly beat him incessantly, pressed a hot iron over his torso, then padlocked his mouth to muffle any screams.

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Elvis then reportedly placed his son’s body into a plastic drum and sealed it with a padlock as well.

When Godrich’s mother returned home and made the horrific discovery that her son had been beaten and killed, she immediately summoned police.

When officers tried to question Elvis, he reportedly tried to behave outlandishly, as if he were mentally ill but the police were not buying his act. Elvis is still behind bars awaiting a hearing.

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