st patty hat

Ever wonder what St. Patrick’s Day is really all about? Why do they were green? Why do people drink? What’s up with the shamrocks? Well We try to answer some questions here.

  • It is a feast day for St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland
  • The feast days are celebrated by the Catholic Church. And they are meant to be a period of reflection on one’s relationship with God as well.
  • Originally St. Patrick was associated with a shade of blue- not green
  • Green rose is popular because of the shamrock, which St. Patrick is believed to have used to explain the trinity to the Irish, and because of the island’s lush green countryside.
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Why an emphasis on drinking though?

  • Well, that’s because of Ireland’s booze reputation.  The country is home to Guinness, a slew of ciders and whiskey- so the celebration of Irish culture could mean indulging a in a libation with a Irish drink.


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