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Laura Speer, Annie E Casey Foundation

It’s a shameful, shocking statistics. According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Indiana ranks as the 8TH WORST STATE for African-American children in the country.  The shocking fact was revealed in a new report Race for Results, issued by the Casey Foundation in April.  The report analyzed conditions for overall conditions for American children and for African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American children.  The report found that the worst states for African-American children were in the South and surprisingly in the Midwest. According to the Race for Results report, Wisconsin was the Worst State for African-American children.  Followed by: Mississippi, Michigan, Louisiana, Arkansas, Ohio, Alabama, INDIANA, South Carolina and Illinois.  The Race for Results report examined 12 specific data points and characteristics that impact the well being of children.  The points are: Babies born at normal birth weight; Children aged 3 to 5 enrolled in a preschool, Pre-K or nursery school; 4th Graders reading at grade level; 8th graders at grade level in math; Females aged 16 to 19 who delay child rearing until adulthood; Graduating high school on time; Persons aged 19 to 26 who are in school or working; Adults 25 to 29 who’ve completed an associates degree or higher; Children living in a home where at least one adult has graduated high school; Children living in two parent families; Children living in a family with income 200% over poverty level; Children who live in areas where poverty is grater than 20%. In an exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview, Laura Speer, associate director for policy reform and advocacy at the Annie E Casey Foundation, talked with Amos and listeners about the report, the data points used to compile Indiana’s shameful ranking, and what our community needs to do about it.  Click the Links To Read/Download the State Rankings and the Full Race for Results Report.  RACE FOR RESULTS RANKING OF CONDITION OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN CHILDREN BY STATES   FULL RACE FOR RESULTS REPORT   Click the Arrow to Hear Amos’ Interview with Annie E. Casey’s Laura Speer. Runs 22 Minutes ©2014 WTLC/Radio One.