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Norman Hutchins

As distinguishable as someone’s name can be to large audiences, we often find that real struggle is a lonely battle. With so much bad news going on in society today, it’s good to hear a story of restoration and faith impact the Gospel community. Gospel music legend Pastor Norman Hutchins recently shared his testimony exclusively with Path MEGAzine. An interview that left Hutchins in tears as he recalled the horror that his family felt when seeing him with no pulse on the rigid confines of a hospital bed.

Just 8 months ago, the Pastor of Frontline Ministries in Dover, Delaware was promoting his new album ‘Hosanna’, when a doctors call took his life on a difficult Path. Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, Hutchins tells Path MEGAzine publisher Kris Patrick that he needed a new kidney soon or he could die. Placed immediately on dialysis, Hutchins shared the diagnosis with the church that he founded. That day 30 people stood up during service and volunteered to get tested to see if they were a donor match for the“God’s Got A Blessing, With Your Name on It” singer.

One of those getting tested was Norman’s own wife Karen Hutchins. Not only was Karen a match, the Belize native was told by doctors that there was a one and 2.5 million person chance that she was a perfect match. After beating the odds, Karen didn’t hesitate to share the vital organ with her ailing husband. Says Pastor Hutchins, “I’m just grateful to God that my wife would be willing to donate me a kidney, and extend my life.”

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