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It is hard to believe, but VeggieTales has served up Bible messages to millions of children for more than two decades. The computer animate series is celebrating 21 years with a new owner, new television series and growing roster of celebrities joining the cast.

Mike Nawrocki is one of the original creators at Big Idea Productions, which launched the series in 1993, just days before Christmas. Nawrocki recently sat down with CBN News to talk about his work.

“Computer animation at the time was so limited, you really couldn’t do limbs or arms or hair or clothes,” Nawrocki, remembering VeggieTales’s start, said.

“So, if we were going to tell a half hour story, we needed simple characters,” he continued.

Joining Forces with Dream Works

The 1993 limitations of computer animation is why Nawrocki and his friend from Bible college, Phil Vischer, chose to animate vegetables. But after 21 years, neither fully understands how they have managed to create more than 40 episodes; sell more than 70 million DVDs; and now join forces with animation giant, Dream Works.

“I just remember finishing that first show and thinking, wow, we did it,” Nawrocki recalled.

“We did one show of animation. And then we were able to do a second and then a third and then it really caught on with Christian book stores and with fans,” he added

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