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Gov. Mike Pence Addressing Opening of NAB Radio Show, Sagamore Ballroom, Ind Convention Center

AUDIO OF GOV. PENCE’S REMARKS JUST ADDED! EXCLUSIVE FIRST PERSON REPORT: It was an unusual place to make remarks about American foreign policy. Indiana Governor Mike Pence came to the Opening Session of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Radio Show at the Indiana Convention Center Wednesday to welcome attendees who brought their convention to Indianapolis for the first time.  Governor Pence exchanged the usual greetings and pleasantries you’d expect a state’s Governor to make.  But in the middle of his remarks, the Governor turned to foreign policy and President Barack Obama‘s expected remarks on the threat of the terrorist group ISIS.  In his surprise remarks, Gov. Pence talked about the the threat from the Islamic extremist group and what he hoped the President should do.  The Governor’s remarks immediately renewed speculation that Pence may be in play as a potential Republican Presidential candidate in 2016.  As the only Indianapolis media reporter attending the NAB Radio Show’s Opening Session, I was surprised that Gov. Pence injected any political context into his remarks; other than remarks supporting the political issues of direct concern to the radio and broadcasting industry.  The Governor’s remarks have spurred a lot of buzz, but many don’t know exactly what he said. The NAB didn’t provide audio of the Governor’s remarks.  The Governor’s Office provided media with a transcript.  Click the Media Player to Hear What Gov. Pence Said to the NAB Radio Convention. Runs 2 Minutes. Audio Courtesy of National Association of Broadcasters. 

Read below Text of Gov. Pence’s Remarks about the ISIS threat and what the President and America should do.

Governor Mike Pence: “And so as our commander-in-chief prepares to address the nation tonight about the American response to the barbarism of ISIS in Iraq, each of you will again play a vital role in ensuring that our citizens are informed of the nature of the threat and the necessity for action. It will be on the radio that most Americans learn the details of the strategy and debate the American response. I do applaud the president for engaging with our allies in an effort to defeat ISIS and look forward to him articulating his plans in more detail tonight. Too much has been given and too much has been sacrificed for us to continue to shrink from our responsibilities abroad. This cannot be one more speech followed by hesitation and indecision. The Old Book says “If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will know to get ready for battle?” We need a strong and clear American response which will only happen if a strong and capable media informs our public and holds our leaders accountable. Because of your efforts, I believe we as a nation will find the will to do what is necessary and remain firm in our convictions until we have ended this threat to our peace and security. And, once again, more than anywhere else, it will be on the airwaves of American radio that Americans will come together, will be informed, discuss, and find the courage and resolve to prevail.”